Traditional Flavored Coffees from around the World

The popularity of flavored coffee has risen rapidly in recent years, and flavored coffees are now to be found on the menu at many coffee shops. Adding different flavors to coffee is nothing new. Preparing flavored coffee is an old tradition that still continues today in many countries.  Coffee drinking has its origins in Ethiopia, and between

Traditional English Christmas Foods

The English Christmas lunch is one that has a fairly standard menu. It includes many of the same foods each season. The Christmas lunch is a great roast dinner that can have a variety of alternative vegetables, and variable beverages, but a few foods should always be on the menu. It wouldn’t be a Christmas

Tips for coffee reheats that can’t be beat

Every coffee lover has done it at least once: Poured a large glorious cup of their favorite java, then walked out of the room and forgot it, took a phone call that lasted a little too long, or became otherwise involved in activities that lead to them returning to a cold cup of coffee. There

Traditional Cuisine from Kefalonia

The Island of Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian chain of Greek Islands and enjoys a rich and varied cuisine which is not vastly different from that of mainland Greece or the neighbouring Islands. The high rainfall on the island ensures that a wide variety of produce can be grown locally and used

Tips for Choosing Red Wine Mexican Food Authentic Consumer Friendly

In Des Moines, Iowa, our community is blessed to have a significant, Hispanic population. The state’s pork produce industries in Ottumwa, Marshalltown, Dension and Corydon have plenty of Latino workers. These workers brought their families. And with them, they brought authentic, Mexican food that savors our palettes. I have some ideas to better enjoy your

Traditional Canarian Food

Papas Arrugadas The Canarian dish that everybody tries and most people love. Papas arrugadas or wrinkly potatoes are small potatoes boiled their skin in sea water until the wrinkle up and develop a thin crust of salt. They are served covered with Mojo Picon, a spicy sauce made of olive oil, cumin,chili peppers, raw garlic

Tips for Thawing Meat that it may be Enjoyed Safely and at its very best

Modern home freezers allow meats to be bought in advance and stored for a period of months rather than the few days they can be kept in the fridge. This is a huge advantage when it comes to buying the Thanksgiving turkey in advance of the rush, or buying large quantities of meat to secure

Tips for spending just $3 on main courses

In this economy, almost everyone is pinching pennies. Since the food budget is one of people’s highest expenses, everyone needs to save money. One way to save is to allow just $3 for your main course ingredients. This is not for the whole meal, but that can be just a bit more, once you start

Top Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Produce

Top reasons to buy locally grown produce. 1. Keep your money local. When you keep money in your home town you are helping your neighbors, friends and family support their families and better to buy what you need from them then to have to watch them lose their homes in these hard times. If anything happens and

Tips for planning a winter picnic

Winter can be fun for lots of reasons like snowball fights and ice skating and of course the holidays. One other reason winter is fun is you can have a picnic. A winter picnic is not quite the same as a warm weather one. You want to plan a winter picnic thoroughly. It is a